Weight loss

The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power ~ Mary Pickford

You may have tried other weight loss programmes or this may be your first time attempt. Irrespective of where you are on your weight loss journey, it is important to understand that there may be more than food at play. Very often, your relationship with food can also be a major factor and this may be something that started at a very young age. Psychology can therefore play a vital role and therefore Hypnotherapy can really help.

If we can understand this and remedy what we identify together, with the right weight loss programme, we can take a healthier approach to help keep those pounds off. Hypnotherapy helps create new healthy habits such as regular exercise, eating the right foods or changing eating habits which don’t serve us or our body.

How can Shaanti Wellness help me?

We will first begin to evaluate your current and past endeavours in any weight loss program and we will look at how your relationship with food plays out in your life.  Are you a comfort eater? Is it that you were told as a child to always finish your food? Is it that you never know how much is enough? After identifying the route cause we can use hypnotherapy to help you make the right choices and put you on track to losing weight.  The benefit of using Hypnotherapy with a weight loss program is that you will lose old negative habits and gain new positive habits that will serve you better. We very often find client’s experience positive changes in other areas of their lives since we use two of the most powerful psychological therapies combined. If you think this is for you get in touch.

How long can I expect it to take?

Our specially designed weight loss Hypnotherapy programme is 6 sessions spread over the course of 2 months. This timeframe ensures that we give you the necessary tools to be able to take control in the initial stages. This is followed by monitoring and reviewing at regular, timely intervals to ensure we achieve what we set out in accordance with your goal. Shaanti Wellness will leave you with the skill-set and tools to carry forward the changes you make into other elements of your life and to ultimately be the person you really want to be.

shaanti.wellness yoga is designed to keep you fit and healthy and can prove a useful in addition to your weight loss programme. Irrespective of your experience, our qualified KRI Yoga teacher will be on hand to ensure you are taken care of. One-to-one sessions or group sessions are available. Find out more

At Shaanti Wellness our ethos is to you bring you into a better place from where we found you, a calmer you, a more vibrant you.

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