Relaxation Techniques

When we think of the word “relaxation”, we usually relate it to doing little, for example, doing either nothing, watching the television perhaps or maybe sitting in the garden or something similar. In the world of Hypnotherapy, it is distinctively different. At shaanti wellness, we call it the Skilled Relaxation Protocol (SRP) since it is exactly that – a skill you acquire. You may ask: “…but how can relaxation be a skill?”. Well, what if  learning this skill could treat high blood pressure (hypertension), headaches, cardiac rhythm irregularities, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety and mild to moderate depression….wouldn’t it be fantastic?

The roots of our protocol are derived from the Benson Relaxation Method and this is derived from years of empirical research studies carried out by Herbert Benson, Professor of Physiology at Harvard Medical School. Benson carried out extensive scientific research on various mediation and relaxation techniques, which were passed by the Dalai Lama and were practised by Tibetan Buddhists. Benson simplified the process, tested it and found so many ways in which it helps with a range of medical and psychological conditions.

The Herbert Benson Relaxation Method

Benson concluded, after several decades of systematic research into the physiological mechanisms of the relaxation response, that two factors were essential to the simplest possible protocol:

  1. Repetition of a word, sound, phrase, prayer or muscular activity.
  2. Passively disregarding everyday thoughts (which inevitably come to mind) and patiently returning to your repetition.

What we have done is taken this a step further by enhancing the use of the power of suggestion.  This, we believe , leads to a more powerful relaxation response.  The only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself.  Book in a free 20 minute consultation and see how we can demonstrate this powerful tool that you can use forever.

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