Why shaanti?

CBH, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and nutrition

shaanti wellness looks at health and wellbeing holistically. We offer you the two most proven and powerful psychological therapies (CBT and Hypnosis combined), backed by more than 150 years of research.

With holistic wellness being front and centre, in addition to CBH, shaanti.wellness can offer Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Mindfulness. Yoga combined with CBH and meditation is particularly effective for general anxiety. This is the cornerstone at shaanti.wellness – an integrated approach to wellness beyond Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. The choice is, however, totally yours in whether you utilise one or more of our solutions.

shaanti.wellness’ multi-dimensional approach enables you to achieve your goals, from losing weight, feeling centred/balanced to losing limited beliefs that stop you acting on your dreams. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy works with many conditions – read more . For weight-loss, shaanti.wellness’ in-house Nutritional Therapist can offer you a dietary plan while Yoga can help relieve anxiety, increase energy, digestion and more. Meditation routines on the other hand, help you feel calm and balanced while our Mindfulness techniques provide perspective, bringing you to the here and now as opposed to worrying about the future or focusing on the past.

shaanti.wellness’ therapeutic approach is collaborative – we work in partnership with you, ensuring you’re on the journey to achieving your goals. This is why we get the results we do, because it is a team effort. We strongly believe in helping you to be able to help yourself so that post-treatment, you are in a stronger, knowledgeable place.

The shaanti wellness difference

Many of my clients achieve desired outcomes in as little as 2-3 sessions but please appreciate this is not a one method fits all.  Many other factors affect therapy with one of the most important being your rapport with the therapist.  This is why I always suggest having that initial free consultation, to see if you like what you hear and you feel that you will work well with me.  If not then at least we found out from the outset which is great too!  It just means the right therapist is around the corner.

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One thing we must say is the high incidence of case where people have visited a therapist for years, without resolve. In Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy we rely on clinical evidence to get you where you would like to be, in the shortest time possible; sometimes in as little as 2 sessions depending on your goals.  The goal is to get you to where you want to be, not keep you there longer than you need to be.  Above all we believe in our honesty and integrity, and don't like making empty promises.  We will try our hardest to help you, and you must try your hardest too and with that will come positive change. In 1995, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology carried out ground-breaking analysis. It showed that “the average client receiving cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy benefited more than at least 70% of clients receiving the same treatment without hypnosis”. In conclusion, the combined approach (CBH) was more effective than using hypnosis or CBT alone. In 2005, the same journal found that CBT + Hypnosis, i.e. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy led to a greater reduction in re-experiencing symptoms post-treatment than CBT alone. Currently, there are trials indicating that CBT with Yoga combined has a greater, positive impact, which is why we also offer Yoga practice alongside CBH, Meditation and Mindfulness.

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